Cédric Lajoie – A Team Leader And Self Made Entrepreneur

As a young man with entrepreneurship ambitions, Cédric Lajoie established a real estate business in Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada. He is a renowned businessman at Goterreno and self made entrepreneur who is admired for his strong work ethic, vision, and dedication to providing real estate services. Like many successful business owners, hard work is one of the values he believes in.

Cédric Lajoie
As a Team Leader, he knows the importance of having a strong team, so he grew a team with 25 representatives, 3 full time lawyers, 2 assistant, 1 director and 1 director of operation. They all performed more than expectation and achieved more than 10000$ annual profit. He has the ability to anticipate market trends which help him to choose the premiere of the land. Its main focus is to create something better and unique. Real estate is not just a business to him, but he takes it as a passion.

He is a great self made entrepreneur with the potential to open up new real estate opportunities for others. Cédric Lajoie has the great experience to establish land contact with the owner that leads to high profit.