Ideal Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

Real Estate is the profession of buying, selling and renting land, buildings or housing.

Cédric Lajoie is a real estate specialist from Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada. He is an owner at Goterreno and working as a real estate expert. He is a right person for serving wide variety of real estate responsibilities which includes leasing and real estate responsibilities.

Cédric Lajoie


Increase in the value of a property over time can generate income for owners. Reselling and Refinancing at the right time is the two simple ways to get profit in real estate. Different factors such as home improvements, market condition, and neighborhood changes can change the price of your asset.

Long Term Rentals

Becoming a landlord requires time and effort. Long-term rentals are the guarantee that there is a continuous flow of profits for the rest of the renter’s contract.

Short Term Rentals

There is an option to lease it out for shorter time periods. This will ensure that there are returns especially when the market condition is not favorable for you to sell your property.

Vacation Rentals

Buy a vacation house and rent it out is another best way to make a good amount of money in very short period. Put this house on rent with the rental fee that is a little bit higher than your monthly cost.

Purchase Raw Land

Raw land is normally cheaper than the already developed and well set up property. You can make a favorable amount by Reselling or lease out the raw land to other investors and developers who need a good land for their future projects.

These tips are given by Cédric Lajoie that is help full for the young businessman, who starts his new business.